Oh Sugar!

11.4 bags of sugar per year…just in teas and coffee!!
If you were to take 1 teaspoon of sugar in tea or coffee and consumed 6 cups a day, do you know how many 1kg bags you would use per year, just for that purpose?
But, do not be fooled that sweeteners are better for you.  Cut down slowly, or quickly if you have a cold!!
With all these colds flying about, if you are struggling to get rid of it and it goes on your chest, consider Ivy Thyme complex from Vogel.
Cold sores take 10-14 days to go untreated or treated with the over the counter remedies.. If you want to lose it quicker, try ice cube and hot tea bag, 4 or 5 times a day.
I found the cause to be excess stress (Christmas ) and hockey festivals.. Eating junk food, more alcohol than normal and nuts!