Admit it: diets don’t work

writes AA Gill.
That’s because they focus on what we eat, not how we eat. We have forgotten the basic food laws that have kept humans healthy for millennia;

1: Always eat sitting at a table that is set for a meal. The things on the table should have a value to you, not necessarily financial but familial or cultural. They should mean something beyond their utility, and the table you eat off should be set aside for the purpose and should be the most important piece of furniture in your home. It should be polished with memories and rituals.

2: Always eat with a knife and fork. Or chopsticks or, if you must, a spork, from a plate that you will use again. You can of course eat off the floor with your right hand if that’s the cultural habit of the household. The point is that there must be a cultural habit, a framework of manners.

3: Whenever possible, eat in company. Sit opposite someone who is also eating. This is not just good for your social skills and your soul; it makes you eat with your mouth shut and stops you burping.

4: Never eat standing up. Not even canapes at functions or toast at the bus stop. In fact, never eat or drink in the street. Never carry a cup of coffee in public. It’s embarrassing and needy, and it’s bad coffee.

5: Never eat with a screen on in the same room. This is the toughest bit of this diet. There are people who have yet to eat a meal that doesn’t come with a television. These are also the people now considering having a gastric band and liposuction. The reason for not having a computer or television on is not simply that meals should be social and convivial but that you shouldn’t eat without the thought of what you’re consuming. Concentrating on something else means that you will swallow twice as much as you need or probably want and you don’t get the intrinsic pleasure from gastronomy. Nothing on television is as good as a good dinner. Trust me, I know, I am both a food and a TV critic.

6: Eat meals at fixed times. Don’t be panicked into eating because you imagine your glucose levels arer out of whack or you’re having headache palpitations or can’t concentrate. It’s all nonsense. Don’t eat when you’re hungry; eat when it’s lunchtime.

7: All meals except breakfast should have more than one course. This won’t make you eat more; in fact it makes you eat less. because the pleasure of mouth appeal is replaced by variety. And it gives meals a natural beginning, middle and end.

8: Never eat with or from plastic, paper or cardboard. Never use condiments that you have to tear open with your teeth.

9: Never, ever eat in a car. You can eat in trains, planes and boats.

10: None of the above rules applies to either eating naked or in bed – as long as there is someone else present.

I REALLY don’t like diets. The first 3 letters put me off.
All these schemes where you have to go in and they sell you their delicious bars and soups etc. they are not in the market of making you lose weight – they are in the market of selling bars and soups. People do lose weight with these organisations but as soon as you stop it piles back on and then some!!
A sensible eating plan is required that is sustainable is much better for you.
The only diet or eating plan that is for life, that I think works is the Eat Right for Your Type.
My reasoning for this is – why do some diets work for some and not for others? If it doesn’t you’re cheating right? Wrong. We are all different.

Dr Peter J Adamo recommends:
Blood Type O‘s are pretty much carnivores and leafy green veg and little in the way of wheat and dairy. Engage in vigorous exercise.

Blood Type A‘s are natural vegetarians, high carb, low fat. Yoga or Pilates is best for you as is meditation.

Blood Type B‘s have the most varied menu and do well on dairy products. Moderate exercise or walking or swimming does well for you.

Blood Type AB‘s are crossed between A and B and have the best immune system. Calming exercises and relaxation benefits you best.

Not eating to your blood type can cause much imbalance and sickness. Eating to your blood type can greatly improve your life.
None of the above is attributable to me and I cannot take any credit. I have seen favourable changes with my clients that have tried it, including myself
Click on your blood type above to see what is recommended, and more importantly, not recommended for you.