I joined the Vibrogym in October 2013
Since I retired in 2011, I had found my weight creep up and I wanted to do something to rectify it.  I was not interested in slimming clubs and the like, so when I came across Vibrogym and ventured in, I knew I had made the right decision.
David, the Instructor, is always here to make sure you are doing the exercises correctly. The whole atmosphere is just right and everybody gets on.  We have to put up with David’s sense of humour, but that only makes the sessions more fun and enjoyable.
I have never looked back since I joined and have also lost 11lb in weight, so I know I made the right decision, that day in October 2013
Mrs S August 2015
I am 85 and registered blind although I do have a little sight in my right eye.  I have been coming to the gym for a long time – not to lose weight but in an attempt to ward off the ravages of old age.
The friendly atmosphere – and the kindness I receive help me in my attempts to keep as fit as possible
Mrs P September 2015
I joined vibrogym studios over 6 years ago and I can honestly say it has changed my life. I have lost over 30 inches and am over 1 1/2 stone lighter. My confidence has grown massively so have my fitness levels. I really enjoy being part of the ‘family’ that we have here. I like that I can pre book my sessions so always know I can plan my day around it. Workouts can vary massively as well. One day we can be doing yoga/ Pilates based exercises and the next can really go for it. But you always train at your own level – it’s never a competition with anyone else. It’s great that there is always a trainer on hand to help and advise and they are often coming up with new exercise ideas to keep things interesting
Mrs T August 2015
It took me months to pluck up courage and make enquiries.  Then a further 2 months before I came along for a free trial.  With my physical limitations, I thought I’d never be able to join a gym.  I joined in 2009 and love the trainers and other clients
CB 2016